Monday, May 30, 2011

Silicon Valley

Yesterday, we traveled south along the bay to visit Sophia's cousin, Nima, in Palo Alto. Nima and her wonderful fiancé, Dev, live very close to Stanford and took us to a beautiful restaurant nearby. Our meals were massive, but we successfully finished ours. :) It was great seeing Nima after such a long time.

We then drove through the Stanford campus and headed further south to Mountain View. We toured the entire Googleplex, raced Google bikes around the campus, enjoyed homegrown fruit and pure sugarcane ginger ale.

Around dinner time, we found our way to Santa Clara for an evening at the Mohr's home. Fortunately, their son Jack was also home from Georgetown. Tom cooked a delicious meal and Pageen baked an incredible dessert. We shared stories of summer plans, family history and grandpa Tredwell. It was great reflecting on what a wonderful man grandpa Tredwell is.

We're really glad we have family so close. :)