Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lombard Street

My dad mentioned the "crookedest" street, so I went to visit it today! It wasn't until I got to Lombard Street when I realized I probably took the most strenuous path to get there.

Once I reached the bottom of the street, I was amazed with how busy it was. People from China and India to Germany and Brazil were laughing with all the traffic congesting Lombard. Cabs, segways, children, cars, bikes, and even tennis balls were rolling down the street. I also ran into someone in my accounting program at UNT (the world is shrinking!).

I relaxed a bit before meeting Joe at his bus stop. Joe had another busy day of orientation classes, but he's really enjoying his time in Silicon Valley. We had dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant and later picked up some tiramisu down the street. Tomorrow, we will meet my cousin, Nima, for a birthday dinner downtown! Keep reading. :)

Love you all,