Monday, May 23, 2011

Palos Verdes and Hermosa Beach

Yesterday morning, Dulari prepared scrambled masala eggs for us and planned our last afternoon in LA. We took a short drive to Palos Verdes and hiked on the cliffs. It was a much different experience than Florida, with the mountainous terrain rather than long, flat beaches. We saw dolphins swimming after boats, people surfing, and pelicans swooping. It was cloudy all morning, but the sun started to peek out halfway through our hike.

We drove around the area and gaped at the mansions on our left and the Pacific Ocean on our right. Dulari took us to Hermosa Beach for lunch. We walked along the pier and found a delightful Italian restaurant. Our waitress even gave us dessert on the house!

Saying bye to Dulari was difficult, but we're looking forward to coming back to LA!

We set off for San Francisco in the evening and reached downtown by midnight. We can't wait to explore the city today!