Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Financial District

I woke up to the rings of cable cars and the light rain hitting the window. As soon as the rain stopped, I walked through China Town again on my way to the financial district. It was more lively this time around.

It seemed pretty quiet for such a busy city, mainly because many people were quickly devouring their lunch at nearby cafes. I saw everything from street performances and hustling business people to petitioners and protesters. I window-shopped for a while, grabbed some coffee and headed toward Union Park. I was pretty tired once I got back from the two mile walk (or hike, rather).

After meeting Joe at his bus stop, we headed back to the apartment. I made pasta and grilled cheeses and we watched the Mavs game (another close one!). I had plans to visit Joe at work tomorrow, but we might reschedule. Joe's been pretty tired, but you'll hear from him soon! :)

With love,