Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coit Tower

It was overcast all morning again. After it cleared up, I walked over to Coit Tower, a monument on Telegraph Hill. The hills were so steep that the sidewalks had stairs on them! At the top of the stairs, there was a beautiful 360 degree view of San Francisco. You could see the Transamerica Pyramid, the Bay Bridge, Nob Hill, Treasure Island, and the piers.

Murals and frescoes were painted on the walls inside of the tower, and an elevator takes you up to the very top. I eavesdropped on a tour guide's conversation, and she said normally you can see for miles, but since it's so foggy, today wouldn't be a good day to pay to see the view. So, I didn't. I roamed around the tower, gazed at the tops of mansions that had gardens and swimming pools on the roofs, and listened to the parrots squawk.

I walked back down and just wandered through the city. I stumbled upon the official Beat Generation museum and spent nearly an hour flipping through Hunter S. Thompson and Bukowski books, talking to the owner, and beaming at all of the Jack Kerouac memorabilia.

When Joe and Elliot came back, we headed to an Italian Restaurant with a couple of their work friends/classmates. We walked across the street for gelato and the employees offered so many samples, we didn't have room for any more! I'm still amazed at how friendly everyone is here. It's contagious and inspiring.