Tuesday, May 24, 2011

San Francisco

This city is incredible. Not only is the weather near perfect, but the people are jovial and extremely positive.

On Monday, we grabbed lunch at a quiet Italian cafe, and after walking up all the steep hills, it was like we never even ate. We visited China Town and the strolled through parks along Pacific Avenue. We keep discovering vibrant, colorful places on each street.

On Tuesday, Joe started his first day at his internship. Although he was drained today, he has a lot to look forward to this summer. The commute is manageable and the campus has plenty of food and amenities to offer.

I caught a glimpse of a park on my way to the grocery store, and later that day, I checked it out. The park was full of dogs catching frisbees, children playing tag, and businessmen eating lunch. I kept getting distracted from my new book as soon as kids cheerfully laughed or dogs laid down lazily next to me.

I walked over to a bookstore a few blocks away (which felt like dozens after climbing those hills!) and lost track of time perusing through all the books I'd someday like to read. In the evening, Joe and I met at an Indian restaurant next to his bus stop.

I plan to discover more beautiful places and people tomorrow.
Love you all,