Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mirch Masala and Gandhinagar

Yesterday we moved from Biraj's home back to Fua's and Fia's place. Prior to the move, we joined Sophia's Mama and Mami (uncle and aunt), Rachana, Jamnejay, Biraj and Anaya for lunch. We dined at Sophia's old favorite, Mirch Masala (Indian Hard Rock Cafe). After another delicious meal, it was extremely hard to say goodbye to such welcoming hosts and hostesses.

Today we drove 30km north to capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, to visit the Akshardham temple. As one of the largest temple complexes in Gujarat, it combines devotions, art, and exhibitions under one place of worship. Unfortunately, no electronics were allowed inside; I could only get a shot of the front gate.

After returning, we made our final visit to Sophia's father's old home. We then stopped by Rushal's (Sophia's uncle on her dad's side) and Hetal's flat for tea and snacks. It was wonderful seeing them again.

Fua and Fia took us out to dinner at Haute Peppers. They serve an array of fusion dishes, combining Indian curries and spices with traditional Chinese, Italian and Mexican styles. Needless to say, it was another delightful and filling meal.

As we get closer to our departure date, the thought of goodbyes becomes harder and harder.