Friday, January 8, 2010

Sports and Shocolatery

We are staying at my cousin Biraj's house now. I remember visiting this house before she married Nirav and everything seemed towering because I was only eight years old.

Nirav's family lives in the same complex; separate houses but with a large, connecting basement. I love how close the people are here, having frequent family dinners and keeping the door open for anyone to stop by for tea. Whenever we walk into the house, we see Nirav's father talking to his brothers, or his sister coloring with her daughter, Vaama, who is four years old.
We picked up Anaya from school and took her to the Sports Club for her swim while we watched children prepare for a swimming competition and practice cricket on the field.

Biraj and Rachana delighted us with dinner at Shocolatery, famous for its cafe and dessert selection. Joe and I both tasted the spiciest pasta we've ever encountered. After the Italian-Indian pasta fusion, all of us cooled our stomachs with some cheesecake.

It's hard to imagine in a week Joe and I will be back in Texas, especially after such a fulfilling three weeks.