Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Family, More Food

Every morning, we hear wild dogs barking, men beating drums, women reciting prayers, scooter engines revving, vendors selling fresh produce and children laughing. We really are staying in an entirely different world.
We lounged for most of the morning while Nikunj Masa prepared one of his signature dishes, eggplant Parmesan. It was the first non-Indian meal we've had since our flight. Our mouths have become so accustomed to the masala flavor, so the food tasted so foreign. Who would have thought we'd enjoy delicious, homemade Italian food in Ahmedabad, Gujarat?
Later, we went out for some browsing (OK, more shopping) before dinner. It was the last day of the National Handloom and Handicraft Exhibition, so selections were slim and haggling was successful.
After revisiting the law garden, we went to Sankalp, an Indian restaurant well-known for its dosa. We sampled Mysore, golden-crisp masala, plain and nilgiri (mint) dosas. Joe and Sonya tried some coconut water and malai (cream) for dessert. While everyone else went to bed, Devangi taught us an Indian rendition of Hearts, and we played cards late into the night.
We really wish those back in the States could experience all of this with us.

Joe and Sophia