Friday, January 15, 2010

Dreaming in India

Twenty-six hours of flying finally got us back home safely. Adjusting will take us a while because of the jet-lag, the hunger at arbitrary times and the differences in the lifestyle.
India was undeniably a humbling experience. From the children who had nothing to wear but a smile to the compassion of wonderful family, we have so much to be grateful for.

We were able to witness the transcendent beauty of India. We were able to experience Nrupaal's and Anu's magnifcent wedding, the comfort of Ahmedabad, the natural wonders of Udaipurs' lakes and mountains, the lavishness of Jaipur, the trains and buses across the town, the overwhelming crowds at Shrinathji, the spirituality of the temples, and the benevolence of family and how they always kept their doors and arms open for us.
We're going to miss the ambiance of morning chai, the unyielding sounds of traffic, the big family events and even the stomach aches from eating too much bhel and paneer.
We're going to miss the attachment and generosity of family, the skies painted with kites, the ethereal moments of sitting on the swing outside and waking up thinking we were still dreaming.
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed India as much as we did.
Joe and Sophia