Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jhaveri Park

Our slow morning turned into a busy day. After a Jain breakfast, we went to two stores, Seasons and Cottons, for some more shopping. Shopping here is a totally different experience. Instead of spending a majority of the time looking for your size, in India employees search for what styles you may like in your size and with the best deals. You may have three employees rummaging through the aisles searching for every Medium in the department.

Later that afternoon, we decided to walk beyond Biraj and Nirav's complex, jokingly called Jhaveri Park because most of their family resides on the same lot. On our walk, we were greeted by curious children, herds of cattle, yelping stray puppies, kite-flyers and giggling women who wanted their picture taken. One woman stopped us in the street and made us follow her back. At first we assumed we were in trouble for taking pictures of her property, and she made us nervous when she asked us where we were from. All she wanted was to pose in front of her kite stand as we took pictures.

In the evening, family came over for a wonderful Punjabi meal. While eating paneer and aloo, we exchanged our favorite riddles for more than an hour. Following dinner, Nirav introduced us to a laidback yet competitive game, Bocce Ball. It's essentially a fusion of bowling and shuffle board. Back and forth we laughed at the other team's attempt, but Munjal's team ended up winning the match.

Hope you all are doing well!
Joe and Sophia