Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye, India!

Our last morning in Ahmedabad was intentionally slow. We savored every moment of drinking masala chai and reading the newspaper. We delayed over-stuffing our luggage and making the last phone calls to say goodbye. We helped Sonya do some last minute shopping at the mall across the street instead of triple-checking our flight information.

We walked around the neighborhood to take pictures and stumbled upon a crowded kite stand. The second they saw our cameras, they asked us to capture their photo. As happy as we were taking everyone's picture and seeing their smiles, it makes leaving India so much more difficult. Just clicking their pictures sent them giggling and running to grab their friends.
As we were leaving, we spontaneously bought some kites, as a token of gratitude for the dozens of pictures. The instant we reached Fia and Fua's house, we ran up to the terrace to start flying them. Unfortunately, our only success was ripping our kites. We still had so much fun with our attempts.
After a wonderful meal (the last supper) of pav bhaji, we went out for coffee with Rachana, Munjal and Jamnejay. Biraj and Anaya dropped by after and said their goodbyes. Saying goodbye was so hard because of how hospitable everyone was. They all took such good care of us.

It will be so hard to leave India tonight. We would much rather fly kites for Uttarayan than sit on a plane to London. This trip to India was truly unforgettable and life-altering.

Joe and Sophia