Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Day of Relaxing

We slowed down our pace this morning, loafed in our beds and lingered over chai and the Times this morning. Mitheel (cousin), Surabhi and little Mishu (nephew) left this morning to return back to Bombay. Kaka and Kaki took us shopping this morning for some more traditional clothing.

After a small lunch, we packed our bags and headed to Rachana (cousin) and Munjal's flat, which is absolutely beautiful. We toured CEPT University, the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, and meandered through the campus.

Rachana then took us to the law garden to shop some more. The law garden is a colorful street full of vendors trying to persuade you to buy handicrafts and bargain prices. Thankfully, Rachana haggled for us. Munjal and Rachana treated us to a terrific Gujarati dinner at Agashiye in the Green House hotel. We sat on the terrace, enjoyed authentic food, swapped humorous stories and played with their son, Jamnejay.

Tomorrow, we're taking a train to Jaipur (about 10 hours up north). We'll be there for three days. I'm not sure if we'll have Internet, so don't panic if we don't post. :)

Have a great day on your side of the world!