Thursday, December 24, 2009

Parks, Portraits and Places in Ahmedabad

There's something invigorating about waking up because of the constant car horns in the congested streets, sharing beds with mosquitoes, chatting about Indian politics over chai and being enveloped by unwavering family affection.

Today, Sonya, Joe and I ventured around Ahmedabad by bus. We saw 16 different places, but stopped at six. We toured Gandhi Ashram (his home), looked around a gorgeous a Jain temple (Hathisingh Jain Derasor), caught some glimpses of Gujarat University and Gujarat College, visited the old governor's house of Sardar Patel, and strolled through museums and children parks.
At the last stop, we trailed off from the site to mingle with some local vendors. We had a great opportunity to take portraits of them. At first they were camera shy, but after showing them the pictures, they gathered their friends and asked for more. Seeing their elation and thinking this could have been the first time their pictures were taken was a humbling experience.
It's mind staggering to interact with such impressionable moments and then go home to a plentiful meal and watch the India-Sri Lanka cricket match.