Monday, December 21, 2009

The Nightmare Before Christmas

We learned first-hand why you should avoid traveling during the holiday season. Everything was going as planned until we reached snowy London Heathrow, forever known as Deathrow to us, and the airport overbooked its gates. Our plane sat 50 feet away from our connection to Dubai. We saw it take off without us.

We stood in line for more than an hour, only to be redirected and told that we could not catch the next plane to Dubai. Luckily, we found another route to make us just short of the wedding. It was a risky route from London to Hyderabad to Delhi to Ahmedabad ... all on different airlines within an hour from each other.
We nearly missed our flight to Delhi because British Airways lost our luggage. We still have no idea where our bags are.

But after all that chaos, seeing my family again made it seem like our lost bags, our missed flights, the long queues and the sleepless flights were totally worth it. We're so happy to be in Ahmedabad.

Internet is harder to find than we expected. Sorry we can't update as frequently.
We will post pictures of the wedding soon.

Joe and Sophia