Thursday, July 9, 2009

Venturing to Vienna

Road trip!
Today we awoke early to make the meager two-hour drive into Vienna, Austria. I could not believe how much money seemed to go into each building. Although Vienna was much more crowded than Budapest, everything seemed pristine and orderly. Truth be told, I prefer the more modest downtown Budapest.
Trivia: Vienna is spelled "Wien" in German. Ever wonder where the wiener came from? For the few hours we had in Austria, I felt like we personally walked each block. We toured the Stephansdom church, witnessed the Habsburg family's numerous castles and enjoyed the many beauties each alley offered. The highway back to Budapest, yes, the Autobahn, had many incredible sights. The gas station we stopped at sat in front of a field of sunflowers that stretched for miles. Everything in Hungary seems to have hidden beauty.

As it is almost midnight here, I forget about the seven hour time difference back home.

Good night all,