Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inside Pest

The afternoon started off with a cold front from up north and a walk in downtown Pest. The massive pedestrian streets looked much like a traditional European style sidewalk, with cobblestones and cafes at every corner.

After a refreshing walk, we toured the gothic Parliament building. Agnus, our ancient and stern tour guide, gave us historical lesson about the different eras of Hungary. We saw the changing of the guard, the Crown Jewel (or as Mr. Tessler calls it, the Hungarian Hat), and the House of Lords (pictured above). To be polite, Agnus was politically charged and very adamant about people listening to her lecture.
After the Parliament, we went to St. Stephen's Basilica (pictured above). Inside the cathedral was his right hand in a box, but Joe and I didn't see it. For such a quaint country, it has a rough history.

Tomorrow, we're off to Austria for a day! :)