Monday, July 6, 2009

Across Buda

Day Two tested our energy again. We took a train ride around Buda, which is filled with villas, green hills, and tall trees. The train was practically managed by children, minus the engineer.

Right after that, we drove to the Citadel: a fortress with a motif about war and freedom. The drive wasn't very long, but the balcony view at the Teszler's flat makes everything seem so far apart. We walked uphill to the monuments, the small shops that sold Rubik's cubes and Hungarian lace, and the sights of both Buda, Pest, and the Danube. A lot of the architecture reminded me of my sister and Robert.

This is the beautiful view from the balcony. Every window of the flat has a breath-taking view. We've had a little rain here, but the weather is nice and cool. The city stretches for miles and miles.

This trip has been nothing short of incredible.