Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Day Mania

We have made it to Budapest! Well, I should probably say Buda because the capital is split into two cities along the Danube: Buda and Pest. You would not believe the beauty there is to see. I hope a few pictures do justice to everyone who asked, “Why Hungary?”
My cousins' flat is absolutely perfect. These Teszlers are so loving and hospitable. Their balcony overlooks the historic Buda Castle and the many winding roads in and out of downtown. I'm already stuffed with delicious local food and pampered with espresso from a real European bistro.
Despite our undeniable jet-lag, we took an evening drive through the most narrow roads, packed with parallel parked cars (nothing but sub-compact sedans) and weaving around pedestrians and oncoming traffic as if it were a video game. We stopped for a lovely stroll atop the castle's barrier walls and the surrounding area, all while enjoying a light rain shower.

So much has happened in a single day. Will I even make it through the two weeks? :D
Take care,