Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harmadik Nap (Third Day)

After traveling through Buda for two days, we dodged rush hour traffic across the Danube for a tour of downtown Pest. It began with a walk around the historic Heroes' Square and a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts (both pictured above). The museum architecture reminded me of the Pantheon and it featured works by prominent artists such as El Greco and Velázquez.
Afterwards, we walked along the narrow sidewalks. We went around numerous cafes , but not one Starbucks. We saw the Jewish ghettos from the 1940s and toured a gorgeous synagogue, filled with breath-taking images from that time period.

Here is another panoramic view from the flat's balcony. It gives you a sense of the steep hills throughout the neighborhood. Off in the distance, you can see the Buda castle and the citadel upon the tallest hill.

And tomorrow the whole thing starts over again!
Good night (although you are eating dinner soon).